Looking for a house!

July 1, 2010

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Looking for a house!

My credit cards and debit cards are not going exactly right…The tax policy of the country is not going well, without mention the food global crisis and the economic crisis, almost unprecedented in the United States…
But any despair at this time just let adrenaline unnecessarily moved…and I believe we still need it for reasons, say, the noblest …
Almost everyone I know the middle class feel at the same time among interests and taxes and the relentless need to buy a beach house …
It’s not my case, because I don’t have a house yet … and I will need have since we need at least one territorial space for us to say: “Mine!”, “I got it,” “Now I’ll be happy,” etc., etc…
It seems that every floor has a owner and through him from the beginning, mankind fight, die or kill …
The ground seems to imply security and stability. After the homus faber out of dark caves (his first floor) seems that began its individualization, from the greater part of the international flags to the smaller part that is our room…
Our neighbors are always distant (though necessary) and our homes (even rented) are turning into mini-fortresses where we believe we are free.
We left the caves, built villages, towns, cities, skyscrapers, without saying that we buy, we spent, we indebted, without, however, unite ourselves towards a common good…
Indeed, it seems we never leave a crisis…
Well, happy who has culture, doesn’t it? This one doesn’t lost himself, doesn’t steal and doesn’t end…moreover, it is necessary “culture to spit in the structure” ( like Raul Seixas would say )


The moon and I

July 1, 2010

The moon and I

Today I went to the Tivoli Mall in Santa Barbara do Oeste, and being that prior, the children and I went to the Observatory site, from Americana. We have seen the Jupiter planet (unforgettable) and the full moon up close (they said its brightness hindered the vision of the stars) …
I couldn’t let thinking: A long time we dreamed about stars, and where do we exactly step into?
At the mall, place chosen by the majority of middle class by its security and quiet shopping, we eat, go window shopping, you see people who dress much the same way and movies with wacky trailers.
Thinking about this all consumption is not difficult to project where so much garbage produced by both generations will stop. Probably the recyclable sector won’t stand…
There are plenty of plastic cups, many cans of cola, many tickets and debt credit card and many cigarette butts. Our species probably arrived at the height of its power to buy …
There are projections, especially from Mr. Algor, eco-political duty, denouncing it in the next few years maybe the machine with which I type no longer has a use and worse, we won’t be able to see the glow of the planet Jupiter and its two rings …
Thinking that Galileo faced a stark court and he was confined to his house because he wanted to prove the heliocentric… I believe that Italian, fascinated by the heavens, saw far more than our generation who have cell phones and plasma TVs, but they lost their perspective Free charm of seeing parts of the universe and to see a little more closely at the moon still unpolluted…

The body, the prison and school break that I won’t have

July 1, 2010

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The body, the prison and school break that I won’t have

Today is my first day “almost on holiday”, due to a slight strike, we from the school administration, ran out of recess. I thought why does a human being need to stop, if everything in the universe is moving?
Well! Maybe people stop or want to stop because they are tired of the “same” and routine lead us to boredom, or perhaps we decided to stop when the body, up for having significant mechanical parts, though not a mechanic, is tired… If it gets tired … tired of always have done the same or simply have done too much, It has produced or been waiting for long time …
Gyms require the body, at work the same our “I” also requires that body, is not there a moment when he says: ” Let me grow old, tiring, resting, dying, because I have already given my time to the world … We always think we know everything about our body from birth. We try to control it and condition it. We try to impose the reason and what we conceive to be correct about it and never heard their need than hunger, gender and aesthetics …
It has its own language and wisdom confusing in the light of reason.
“It is a great expert on yourself, when it feels needs madden us up to be serviced, It knows the medicine and how to heal itself…Pity our evolution has as price manipulation of the physical substance …The more we study, articulate, the most impedes communication between body and mind ..
Socrates said that “the body is the prison of the soul,” but it’s so efficient that causes us full sympathy, isn’t it?
I truly believe it is a prison, however well planned and comrade, that does everything to bring about our well being… Not to mention that most will not run out of that prison…
It is very likely that this body, for some pride for others shame, It also knows when to stop, although we don’t respect all their wishes as well as their natural aging and expected, worthy of those who served in the best possible way, all penalties imposed since the dawn of civilization…
I’m still 39. I want to stop parts of the body and others into shape. Nevertheless, I would give the deserved rest at the time that my body requires it…


July 1, 2010

Monday, June 30, 2008


I have two children Caio and Letícia. I protect them and I almost never know the dosage that.
My mother’s instinct has developed slowly, wasn’t automatic. So I’m thinking about past mistakes, what was correct or not.
They fight a lot, perhaps because sexual difference, perhaps perchance to the horoscope, or maybe because the socialization depends not only hormones, but the experience.
Seeing the news, we all fear for our children. Global forecasts are not as good: the same territorial disputes, too many people on the planet, too much garbage to the point of having no more landfills, however, remains strong, the need to propagate our genes.
Henceforth, children are more than a continuation of DNA, are narcissistic projections. At one point we always try to “come” inside them and live by them.
Of course there is the natural time of separation, as in the Madonna song “Papa do not Preach”, but we are so used to govern the terms someone who shocks us with any threat of rebellion in our home.
Antagonistically, parallel to that super-protect, postmodernism has led to an exaggerated individualism where the family itself exclude their children …
The working world doesn’t “contain” children unless they also produce or confirm the expectation of their parents.
I know that this practice will change anti-existential, perhaps when decreasing the number of children in homes, and when the work of the woman or the man inside the house is valued more than the practice of having two or three jobs for money and power consuming the excess garbage that will turn one day …
I only have two kids and I see the complexity of creating them. I know I must guide them to the world, as this is much bigger than me. For now try to solve the problem of respect between blood brothers.

Incorruptible bodies

July 1, 2010

Wenesday, June 18, 2008

Incorruptible bodies

During those days I’ve been seeing on Youtube, perhaps from a morbid part of me, so-called “incorruptible bodies” that have come centuries but don’t decompose. In Catholicism as there are several of the Blessed Bernadette in France. They say that Fernando Pessoa was also his body intact, 50 years after his death.
It’s interesting try to understand the physical body as autonomous, as if It breathed alone even lifeless motor.
I don’t know if there are chemical conditions that may favor or if it is our destiny to become dust…
It’s complex look at a mirror and see the logical time of the meat as it is very difficult to look at a cold and lifeless body and think why It didn’t wake up.
However our body fulfills several functions for which hardly gets bonus: Anyone who has watched on their little toes? Co – responsible for our movements and our morning run …
A decomposing body shows us that is dead by its appearance? But there are living people who seem to walk with dead bodies?
Really our eyes, live, look for equal, although similar to cheat…

The future of an adult

May 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The future of an adult

On Friday, a temperamental student commented “My future is what matters to me.” He has 16 years and I was just wondering …
When I was 16 I thought the future was to become adults, marry, procreate, work, etc. All this came. Perhaps say that the future is growing old is not pessimism.
If we understand how, in the neo-liberal policy, that the future revolves around goals and objectives, then the future falls in what Shoppenhauer says that’s is pain and boredom. But if we understand that the future comes anyway, so we’re just simplistic.
It’s strange, everything in us is so complex, inside and out. Thus, by association of ideas we complex the years that haven’t come yet and whatever we may provide, little or nothing could guess because everything somehow always seems different or sovereign.
Aging is the real future that we dare not imagine. We look around ancient buildings, but we ourselves could not imagine us centenarians …
Aging is like losing dignity or identity.
With new technologies and hormones synthesized maybe we extrapolate from this appearance, perhaps it can last up to more. We don’t know yet what would be arrive at sixty years healthy, handsome and totally ready to diverse works ( will we extend the functional life span? ). Living so long (with the help of medicine), being beautiful for longer, make babies at 70, how would it be? How would it be to pass of hundred-year with frequency for the species?
The appearance postmodern attempts to override the nature fair and clear, in principles, and from this shock emerge the reflection: How will be the future of an adult?

Much work, little leisure

May 17, 2010

Monday, June 2, 2008

Much work, little leisure

Today my departure time was at 10:00 , I left at 10:15, but don’t know why I did not like the faces of my managers who seemed, in other hand, they haven’t enjoyed the time I was leaving.
This school is still nice, at the point where they notice our good work, but there were others however we did, it was like having done nothing.
It also occurred to me, in my childhood, much as I did my mom was there totally dissatisfied.
Also work on weekends from 9:00 to 13:00, in a program called the Family School. There, is very good, full of tired college students, but hopeful. However, I just see my boyfriend at the times left over and I’m not sleeping.
In the eighteenth century and in Brazil until Getúlio Vargas, the people worked until 18 hours, and also they were not noticed and did not have many rights. Then came laws and regulated the work, before servile, now salaried worker. But did modern people begin to work less? For a while yes, but then the desire to have car, home, land, clothes, jeans, etc. was higher and free will, everyone decided to have more than one job and less time for leisure.
The song by the Skank, “The road only exists when you pass.”
In fact, we choose to work and work hard, we believe that quality of life can only improve if the money comes. Today leisure is almost vagabond …


May 17, 2010

Monday, May 26, 2008


Back from holiday, back to work … A struggle to raise children at 6.30 a m to go to school. Now at home, before leaving the house in order, I’m trying to resist eating a chocolate that is likely to passport about two pounds more. I don’t know if I’m difficult, if we are difficult or if the human specie is difficult. After much choosing and being chosen, now called the Age of Reason, which is the frontal cortex that guides actions and no more hormones. Here comes a relationship. Everything is very good, although he and I are tough, we all want to keep our reasons, don’t we? And in the difficult and useless art of trying to keep our opinions, sometimes we lose people. They say that all couples, even if not married, they contest themselves. Interesting that when there aren’t more challengers, it seems to have lost our reason for existence. Many people isolate themselves without knowing, therefore arrive a level of divinity where all others are “less”. It’s Interesting, if you understand the anatomy of the brain, for example, you will see that there is no use billions of neurons. If they do not communicate or interact the organ loses its function … Everything is a matter of communication … Many loves leave frustrated without knowing how much were lovers …

The secret post-holiday

May 17, 2010

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Secret post-holiday

Today is post-holiday, I woke up at 9:00 p m …
I made that mentoring described in “The Secret”. One where we imagine a house of

$ 1,000,000.00, an imported car Honda, tip line, all debts paid ( old creditors now cocking you ), an income paycheck of $ 10,000.00, a job where no longer have to die in combat, Brazilian taxes going down for the middle class, a body in shape, in other words, everything that is currently impossible … According to supporters of the laws of mentalization or spreadsheets from goal, every desire is perfectly possible.
These supporters say the world is from everyone and everything here belongs to everyone.
Well, if you analyze the Bible, It says, ” humbled will be exalted and the exalted shall be humbled,” “Trust me, your God” …
Historically these assumptions proceed . See the Egyptians ruled the world for 5000 years. Rules the roost and enslaved the Jews … Besides them, the Middle ages also enslaved them, robbed them, etc. and now they are in power and Israel is the stronger state of the world, after all since the 60’s fight against world Arab and wins …
Now the Americans are in economic crisis, something the world of common sense neither had imagined as. Without saying that there is an african descent, Obama, as president, after so many martyrs like Martin Luther King and the Ku Klus Klan.
In Brazil “the old left”, so persecuted, is in power. “The ancient right”, so full of rules in the 60s, is in power. ..
Without telling that nowadays anyone, in earlier decades doomed to oblivion, may have their ten minutes of fame through channels like YouTube and Orkut. And all without being a millionaire, which somehow takes the fame of artists such as Brad Pitt …
Really need the “Secret” came out at least in salary, the amount of $ 1000.000,00 wait anymore … Maybe that page is read a day?
I conclude with a famous phrase from the most graceful I could read, Millor Fernandes: “Dictatorship is when you order, democracy is that when I command.”


May 17, 2010

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I was supposed to have gone to school to pick the children up. I haven’t gone because they are both in recovery (up seems to “Eduardo and Mônica from Legião Urbana)
I am astrologically native of Scorpio. Hmm! Some say we’re rancorous, vindictive and we’ve not forgotten anything. But only those who are Scorpios?
I don’t know!
In my childhood I got very angry with the domineering attitudes of my mother who used the psychopath as an instrument of correction. She didn’t allow questions. She also did not allow we cried while she spanked us, which infuriated me internally. My father was just a masterful, but we hardly ever spoke because we almost never had issue …
Then I was thinking of a future independence, as well as thinking about death as liberation.
In adolescence I kept brooding sadness of my childhood. Sometimes I thought we at home we had reach the limit of our relationship and I should leave …
After I started working somehow things have changed. Interestingly the money, even minimum wage, changes the relationships a lot. Up to today, they didn’t invented a faster seduction but perhaps not efficient.
I ended up marrying around 23. I had two children and I divorced after 30 years. I decided to try to return to the maternal home, but was refused.  My child anger forgotten get back again …
But eventually, I ended up alone, overcoming a depression of four years, returning to work and walking to an economic independence. That said, I returned to have contact with my mother since my father died in 1995 and until a few days before we had nothing to say.
Sometimes we think the “bad luck” of having strong personalities, but sometimes I don’t know what to think.
I don’t know but I could never forget grievances or differences exchanged. I don’t like to see someone who mobbed me going through the same process, but I confess that I get happy when I see that there was justice.
It’s difficult, isn’t it? Narciso just think beautiful what is mirror. He only sees the hurts they caused, however, doesn’t remember what He has already caused.
It is very difficult to self-analysis. The easier criticism is always in the other direction.
Will It be true our gene is really selfish?
Well I asked that question, Am I selfish?
A lot things happen as torture, rape, violence of any sort and do I remember things from 30 years ago? Yes, I remember because maybe I really have some selfish. Nietzsche said that if his finger hurts no matter what your friend’s hand is severed. It seems that we were designed for self-survival where the other only has value when it offers some help.
I can not say if astrology is correct or I’d believe more in Astronomy … But at least they also say that Scorpios are famous for their sensuality, not just by their anger … rs